Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones


Thanks so much again, he looks great and the girls love him! :
“Peanut Butter returned home today! Thanks so much again, he looks great and the girls love him! Here is a picture of them holding him. My wife missed the mail mans’ delivery and drove around looking for him because there is no mail tomorrow. Luckily she found him and didn’t have to wait.”
Mike B.| November, 2014

Wow! Truly an amazing process you have :
"Gramps arrived safely on Monday!! Ah, the journey he has been on. Thanks, too, for all the pictures and paperwork. Wow! Truly an amazing process you have. What a labor of love. Again, thank you for fixing our Professor and Gramps!”
Mary B.| May, 2016

Here’s what Putya’s Dad had to say when he presented Putya back to his mom :
“I wanted to let you know that we gave Putya to my wife last weekend and she cried hysterically (from joy!) for about 15 minutes. She's been sleeping with him (tightly) every night and is so incredibly happy. Thanks again so much for everything.” (later that same week) “Putya is doing great... my wife still holds him tight every night... so cute!”
Mike T. | June, 2015

Teddy back to LIFE :
“Just wanted to let you know that Grand Son Kellen and Teddy Bear have bonded, he goes no where without his Teddy. Thank you again for bringing Teddy back to LIFE.”
Dick K. | September, 2009


Here is the interview WQED did on us. Enjoy !

WQED - Report

The Gift of Childhood Magic
"There is no consoling a child who has just lost her best friend because its arm was ripped off in a pillow fight. The Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh operates on the belief that sometimes “as good as new” is better than “brand new”..."
Emily King - The Strip Magazine | November 20, 2015
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How's Work?: Teddy Bear Doc
"Jill DeBroff, owner and founder of Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh, saves the lives of children’s best friends..."
Nick Keppler - Pittsburgh Magazine | December 30, 2013
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Person of Interest: Jill DeBroff, Teddy Bear doctor deluxe
"Jill DeBroff is every stuffed animal's best friend. If she wasn't the inspiration for Disney's animated series, "Doc McStuffins," then she should have been..."
Andrew Druckenbrod - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 9, 2013
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Lawrenceville's teddy-bear hospital restores family treasures
"Call it plastic surgery for teddy bears, who arrive from all over the country, and even foreign countries, to the Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh in Lawrenceville. Jill deBroff is a teddy-bear treasure hunter who travels internationally to search antiques dealers and garage sales for hard-to-find bear parts that often are decades old..."
Kellie B. Gormly - Trib live | July 25, 2011
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A Fresh Look: Teddy bear, teddy bear -- Dr. Jill will turn you 'round
"Another day, another life saved. It's the 13th Jill has saved since she opened her Butler Street hospital in Lawrenceville in December. "Dr. Jill" is the founder and owner of The Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh, the city's only such operation..."
Alan W. Petrucelli - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 12, 2008
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“Here we are in the EU working on Puff-Puff”s tummy.

He’s missing his left eye and desperately needs a bit of white fur in his chest. But wait a moment! there’s an odd piece of material stuck to his right inside arm. What could it be? His mother, Kristen, says it was an old repair by her mother — a shoulder patch. Well, we let it remain and sewed it in tight to help secure the shoulder. Then a cleaning and a trim of the “new” fur patch. Time to go home Puff-Puff.

Where to next, Pooh ? ”