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Teddy Bear Restorations & Stuffed Animal Repairs

Repair process : For your beloved old teddy bear, our restoration process starts with a general cleaning. From that point on we determine what kind of delicate -- often intricate -- repairs might be needed. A new glass eye, or a new set of paw pads, or an ear re-attached.

Oh No!! Maybe a rambunctious puppy mauled Teddy! And it could be that Teddy is just super old and he needs some tlc. Do you want to get Teddy ready for a new arrival baby? We make a presentation box as a nifty gift for Teddy to the expectant mother. This handcrafted archival box also houses Teddy when he gets put away in another 30 years. Whatever your plans -- we can help RESTORE Teddy for another round of Love !

Beth's vintage teddy bear : Timelapse of the process

“Here we are in the EU working on Puff-Puff”s tummy.

He’s missing his left eye and desperately needs a bit of white fur in his chest. But wait a moment! there’s an odd piece of material stuck to his right inside arm. What could it be? His mother, Kristen, says it was an old repair by her mother — a shoulder patch. Well, we let it remain and sewed it in tight to help secure the shoulder. Then a cleaning and a trim of the “new” fur patch. Time to go home Puff-Puff.

Where to next, Pooh ? ”