Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones

Teddy Bear Restorations & Stuffed Animal Repairs

Repair process : For your beloved old teddy bear, our restoration process starts with a general cleaning. From that point on we determine what kind of delicate -- often intricate -- repairs might be needed. A new glass eye, or a new set of paw pads, or an ear re-attached.

Oh No!! Maybe a rambunctious puppy mauled Teddy! And it could be that Teddy is just super old and he needs some tlc. Do you want to get Teddy ready for a new arrival baby? We make a presentation box as a nifty gift for Teddy to the expectant mother. This handcrafted archival box also houses Teddy when he gets put away in another 30 years. Whatever your plans -- we can help RESTORE Teddy for another round of Love !

Beth's vintage teddy bear : Timelapse of the process

Babies & Bears is our store front

If you are in the Pittsburgh area we recommend you stop by for a first-hand restoration. While at the Hospital you can also visit our gift store called Babies & Bears. We carry items for the newborn nursery or for the newborns themselves. Yes, we have teddy bears but we also carry antique toys and items, which may perk up your baby's nursery. Most of our items are handmade.

HOLIDAY DEADLINE for any restoration is November 30, 2016.
Last On-the-Spot of 2016 is Saturday, December 24th.

2016-2017 Hibernation
(January 1 - March 1, 2017)
Every season our creatures in the gift shop take a ride out to a deep, dark caves and sandy banks along the Zamzoom River in East Wonkatutuland. During their down-time the Hospital is off searching for eyes and noses and furry parts. We answer online estimates during Hibernation, as well as schedule upcoming appointments at the Hospital location. Sweet dreams!